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So you are interested in coming underground. The best way to do this is by joining a caving or underground exploration group such as Plymouth Caving Group.


  • Access places that are either totally unknown or completely barred to most people.
  • Be with people who know the pitfalls (literally) of a particular mine or cave, or when exploring somewhere fresh, will know how to explore safely. Several members also belong to the Devon Cave Rescue Organisation.
  • Hire or borrow equipment from the group or from members and get advice on what to buy.
  • Gain access to a massive library of underground locations to research and plan trips and to know what to expect and where best to find the kinds of things that most draw you underground.
  • Training – Learn caving and exploration techniques, especially using wire ladders and Single Rope Techniques (SRT) for getting down and back up vertical drops.
  • Insurance against 3rd party risks, i.e. to land owners, fellow cavers etc up to a maximum of ten million pounds.

Above all, you will get to explore and marvel at the wonders of the subterranean world in excellent enthusiastic company.

You don’t have to join right away. If you want to try a bit of caving or underground exploring with us, or even if you are just visiting the area, get in touch on the form below and you can come along for a month for a mere £10 to cover equipment and insurance.

If you already know you want to go underground fairly often and have the full benefits of the group straight away, then get in touch on the form below and let us know.

How much is membership?

  • Individual £35.00
  • Student with card £17.50
  • Family/Couple £65.00 for two, then £24.00 per additional person after that.

This includes British Caving Association insurance. If you already have a BCA insurance card, let us know and we will discount this part.

Fill in the form below

And let us know whether you want to try a couple of trips or want to join straight away. It is useful if you can let us know what experience you have had. Though remember, we are open to complete novices. Everyone has to start somewhere!

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