Whatever your experience, a total novice who has never been underground, or a very experienced caver, we hope we can offer you a great deal.

Of course the club in return would like your support, just by attending organised trips or by helping in any other way you can.

We visit local caves and mines on alternative Tuesday evenings, and hold weekend trips away to other areas.

Details of these trips are circulated regularly. In addition, members make many other trips apart from organised club trips. Some of these are with the aim of new exploration, surveying, photography or similar purposes, or are just ‘sporting’ trips.

During the summer, some members are involved in other related activities such as climbing, sailing and canoeing.

Training in technical aspects of caving can be organised e.g. rope access techniques.

If you’ve not been caving before, the basics you will need are:

Old Warm clothes (e.g. track suit bottoms and sweat shirt)

Footwear, wellies are best (trainers are not recommended)

An old boiler suit, good as your outer layer, but don’t worry if you don’t have one.

Helmet and suitable light are required. These may be hired from the club or borrowed from other members.

This gear will be enough to start with, as you progress you will probably need to get more specialised equipment. Talk to other cavers about what you should get and where to get it from.

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